LAKME K.Beauty Body Thickening Spray 150ml


Lakme K.Beauty Body Thickening Spray 150ml

Elevate your hair game with the Lakme K.Beauty Body Thickening spray, a dynamic solution delivering enduring volume, body, and thickness, specially crafted for fine hair.

Key Benefits:

  • Hydration and Silky Effect: Immerse your hair in supreme hydration and enjoy a luxurious silky effect for a touchable, soft finish.

  • Capillary Density: Experience increased capillary density, contributing to fuller and more voluminous-looking hair.

  • Volume and Natural Shine: Achieve a boost in volume accompanied by a natural, radiant shine that lasts.

  • Resistance to Breakages: Fortify your hair with enhanced resistance to breakages, ensuring each strand stands strong against daily stressors.

  • Frizz Elimination: Bid farewell to frizz as this spray effectively eliminates unwanted flyaways, leaving your hair sleek and smooth.

  • Thermal Protection: Safeguard your strands with reliable thermal protection, shielding your hair from the rigors of heat styling.

Hold Factor:

 Revel in a woody green fragrance with subtle notes of musk, providing a delightful sensory experience.

Active Agents:

  • Jojoba Oil Complex: A premium natural emollient derived from jojoba oil, concentrated and rich in antioxidants, obtained through sustainable methods.

  • Organic Vegan Soy and Rice Microproteins: Nourish your hair with the benefits of organic vegan soy and rice microproteins, promoting lasting strength and manageability.

  • Panthenol: Contribute to long-lasting effective protection, making your hair more resistant to the drying effects and feeling thicker.

Who Should Use Lakme K.Beauty Body:
This spray is tailored for those seeking to enhance volume, body, and thickness, particularly beneficial for individuals with fine hair.

How to Use Lakme K.Beauty Body:
Spray on wet hair from root to tip, comb through, and proceed to dry for a transformative experience. Elevate your styling routine with Lakme K.Beauty Body.

Size: 150ml

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