LAKME K.Finish Curls Curl Activator Gel 150ml


Lakmē K.Finish Curls Curl Activator Gel 150ml 
A robust and enduring hold curl activator gel designed to enhance waves and curls, catering to the needs of wavy and curly hair.

Key Benefits:

  • Curls with Dramatic Definition: Achieve curls that exude dramatic definition, giving your hair a stylish and voluminous appearance.

  • Style Memory: Benefit from style memory, ensuring that your curls maintain their shape and structure for an extended period.

  • Eliminates Frizz: Bid farewell to frizz as you embrace smooth and well-defined curls, adding a touch of elegance to your hairstyle.

  • Protection Against Pollution: Safeguard your curls from the damaging effects of pollution, maintaining their health and vitality.

  • UV Protection: Shield your hair from the harmful impact of UV rays, ensuring the longevity and vibrancy of your curls.

Hold Factor: 3

Fragrance: Immerse yourself in a fresh, amber fragrance with light floral notes and subtle hints of wood, creating a delightful sensory experience.

Active Agents:

  • BLUE Oléoactif®: A 100% natural extract from a combination of rice germ, black rice, red rice, and organic virgin oil. Enriched with photoprotective carotenoids and antioxidant tocopherols.

  • Panthenol: Enhances the health and manageability of your hair, contributing to the overall vitality of your curls.

Who Should Use Lakmē K.Finish Curls 150ml: Ideal for individuals with wavy and curly hair seeking a strong and enduring hold curl activator gel for defined and stylish curls.

How to Use Lakmē K.Finish Curls 150ml: Apply the product on wet hair, ensuring even distribution. Proceed to either diffuse or allow your hair to dry naturally for beautifully defined curls.

Size: 150ml

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